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Without Proper Control, Diabetes May Lead to Mental Decline
In middle age, taking care of yourself now could mean avoiding a health crisis later — and that may go double for diabetes patients. Middle-aged diabetes patients may have a raised risk for mental decline later in life.
High Blood Sugar Raised Heart Disease Risk in Type 1 Diabetes
For patients with type 1 diabetes, living life free of heart disease may be all about keeping blood sugar under control.
Type 1 Diabetes Rate Rose Among White Youth
Type 1 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes diagnosed in children. And it appears that such diagnoses may have increased among one particular group of children.
Long-Acting Insulin Might Win Out for Type 1 Diabetes
For many people with type 1 diabetes, daily treatment and management of the condition is a big part of their life. But is one form of treatment better than others?
Diabetes Growth May Be Slowing
After nearly two decades of rapid growth in the number of Americans with diabetes — likely driven by obesity and low levels of physical activity — that public health trend could be changing.
Rx Could Cut Diabetes Complications
A first-of-its-kind study examined the potential relationship between taking statins, prescription medicines that treat high cholesterol, and diabetes complications like vision loss and kidney damage.
Blacks May Have Higher Risk for Diabetic Vision Loss
Diabetes affects more than 300 million people around the world and has many negative effects, including a higher risk of hypertension, stroke and even vision loss. And a new study suggests blacks may be more at risk for diabetic vision loss.
FDA Approves Blood Test to Aid Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes
While Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes share some traits, treatments for each condition differ greatly. For this reason, doctors need to know which type of diabetes their patients have. Doctors now have a new tool that can help determine whether a patient has Type 1 diabetes.
Diabetes Patients May Face Higher Risk of Head, Neck Cancers
Diabetes is known to increase many health risks like heart disease and obesity. But new research suggests the condition may also be linked to head and neck cancers.
Bionic Pancreas Outperformed Insulin Pump
People with type 1 diabetes have to vigilantly keep track of their blood sugar levels. A new piece of wearable technology, the bionic pancreas, could help streamline the daily routine of insulin injections and blood sugar testing.