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The Benefits of Insulin Pumps
Young patients with type 1 diabetes may have a lower risk of complications if they use insulin pumps instead of injections, according to a new study.
The Link Between Diabetes and ED
Men with diabetes may face an increased risk of erectile dysfunction (ED), according to a new study.
'Artificial Pancreas' Approved
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the first "artificial pancreas" device to monitor blood glucose (sugar) and adjust long-acting or basal insulin doses.
Diabetes Rx Could Fight Heart Disease
A drug often prescribed for type 2 diabetes could fight heart disease in patients with type 1 diabetes, a new study found.
Triple Diabetes Rx Combo May Work
A combination of three diabetes medications may help patients control their blood sugar and lose weight, a new study found.
Artificial Pancreas Appears Promising
An artificial pancreas meant to help type 1 diabetes patients is about to undergo its final testing. And favorable results could lead to the device's approval, researchers said. {C}
The Benefits of Insulin Pumps
Parents of kids with type 1 diabetes may now have an easier time with the debate surrounding the insulin pump.
What Probiotics Could Do for Type 1 Diabetes Risk
If your newborn is at risk for developing type 1 diabetes, a little friendly bacteria may be able to help.
This Psoriasis Rx May Improve Diabetes Treatment
For type 1 diabetes patients, daily insulin injections are a lifelong commitment. But these patients may soon be able to better manage their disease — with the help of a medication used to treat psoriasis.
How Stressful Events Could Affect Kids' Health
Dealing with big stressors early in life could affect more than just mental health in kids.