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'Movember' Shines Spotlight on Men's Health
It's not just about letting your facial hair grow wild — "Movember" is about men's health, and that includes prostate and testicular cancers.
Slight Rise in Testicular Cancer among Young Hispanic Americans
One sector of young American males is seeing more testicular cancer now than ever, and experts don’t know why.
Six Highly Treatable Cancers
The diagnosis and treatment of cancer has come a long way in the last 50 years. Today, many patients are living past their cancers.
An Interview About Lance Armstrong's Cancer
One thing is certain about Lance Armstrong – he’s the most famous testicular cancer survivor on the planet. He was 25 when he was diagnosed and treated with an advanced form of the disease that had already spread to his brain.
An Ordinary Testicular Cancer Survivor’s Story
Lance Armstrong is only one of thousands of mostly young men who have battled testicular cancer and won. While the cyclist’s life after cancer story has been far more glamorous, lots of ordinary guys have had the disease threaten their manhood.
Seeing Through the Medical Radiation Risk Story
Imagine if you had a cancer that needed to be treated right away. The doctor orders CT scans. Would the fact that radiation exposure from the tests increases your lifetime cancer risks keep you from having the scans?
Buzz Kill: Marijuana Use Linked To Testicular Cancer
Cancer of the testis can and does appear in teenage boys as young as 14. The incidence of this cancer is rising, and some experts think there may be environmental links.
Marriage Matters for Men
Earlier research has suggested that a man's marital status impacts how well he deals with many items, including testicular cancer. A man's marital status may be an indicator of how long he will live after treatment for the most common malignancy found in young men.
Confirming Cancer Treatment Standards
The most common cancer in young men affects the testis. These are called germ cell tumors or GCTs. The guidelines for treating advanced (cancer that has spread or metastasized) cases have recently been studied.
Sex After Testicular Cancer Has Challenges
Testicular cancer usually strikes young men in their 20s and 30s . It's the most common cancer in this age group and also the most curable. Researchers wanted to know how the cancer and its treatment affect sexual function.